Modifications (This Webpage is presently being updated).

The ever growing, ever changing, and ever so popular modifications for Technics 1200's / 1210's.

Hardware Alterations

Power On / Off Knob & Chrome Housing MK2 to MK5 Conversion Kit

Tired of accidentally hitting the power knob when spinning? Did you Power knob pop off & is missing? Consider Upgrading. Get your older MK2 looking like a MK5!


Other Mods

On this page I will discuss other modification we have done. We can pretty much to anything is just a matter of doing it and posting it on our site. Its hard to keep up with our work so we will try and do our best.

Please select from the following......

1. Native Instruments - MASCHINE LED Modification

Click to see larger view.

As our client you may select any colour of LEDS you wish. This was the scheme our client selected.

Here are three videos of the progressive work we did.

Video # 1

Video # 2

Video # 3 (Final Product) This video was recorded by client after work was completed.

Here is the final picture of the LED sequence which was selected once again by our client.

The following is a price structure for this LED modification.

16 big pads = $300
8 Groups = $150
8 Transport = $150
8 function + 1 note / repeat = $150
8 Top Buttons = $150
8 Left Top Buttons = $150
56 buttons total

$25 per button (Custom)

Entire Unit all 56 buttons = $500

Contact Us if interested in getting this modification done.