Item 162

Turntables Item # 162

Number of Turntables: 1
Make: Technics
Model: SL-1200 MK4
Colour: Black
Condition: Immaculate
Dust Covers: Yes
Cartridges / Stylus / Needles: No
Road / Flight Cases: No
Rubber Mats: Yes
Slip Mats: No
Special Specifics: Silver Feet, Polished Tone Arm, 33/45/78 RPM (Japan Model), Female RCA Hook Ups. Completely Stock.
Ground Wire Modification: No
Upgraded RCA's: No

Regular Price: $2299.99 CAD
Sale Price: If this item is on sale it will be noted on the main page in GREEN.

Trade Ins Accepted: Yes
Warranty: Yes


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