Paint / PowderCoat

Custom Painting

One of the greatest effects and instant improvement you can do to your Technics 1200 / 1210 is to paint or powder coat it. There are several parts to paint or powder coat and many options to consider so lets look into those more closely.

First we need to go over quality. This is one of the most important factors when deciding if painting or powder coating is the best option for you.


Pros: Unlimited color variations. Exact and percise color matching to what you ask for is delivered. Once a color code is determined the final result is exactly what a customer gets.

Cons: Paint is delicate and as such needs to be care for accordingly. We highly recommend if painting a Technics 1200 / 1210 that it either is a center point of a room and never moves or that it is placed in a road case to protect it. A good hit on the cabinet from a sharp corner can cause it to chip or scratch. Touch up work is possiable but it will never look the same due to the clear coat.

Powder Coating:

Pros: Durability is second to none. Due to the process of powder coating the cabinet and caramalized finish are strong and can take some light punishment. Recommended for the mobile DJ that may be using their turntables on the road alot or just want the finish to last a very long time.

Cons: Although new finishes and metalics as well as pearls are bing introduced into the powdr coating trade every day there is still not the diversity that there is in the painting trade. The finish color is made to match the swatches and will be very accurate but can be "slightly" different but not by much. In most cases customers get exactly what they expect.

So the choice is yours. If you looking for a specific colour painting woul dbe more your avenue. If your more interested in durability then powder coating might be more your direction. In the end the choice is yours.



Regardless of your selection a professional job is always expected. A controlled enviroment is most important. "Anyone can paint a cabinet" right? Several have tried and it shows. Would you paint your on car on your driveway in the open elements? Well the same rules apply with your cabinets. Powder coating also needs a clean and uncontaminated area for the best finish. For a professional job leave it to the pro's, you and your wallet will be thank full you did.

Painting & powder Coating of a Cabinet

While most think the paint jobs on Technics 1200's is complete you may be surprised to find the deceptive tricks some people do to cut corners. Several of them are just out of laziness while others are to save the seller money. The following is a good example.

Notice how the inside of the cabinet is masked. This is to avoid painting the interior of the cabinet. Why? Well most companies that work on Technics 1200's and do painting & / or powdercoating modifications just assume you will never look under your platter so why bother. Maybe not but if you did it would be very professional to see that all of it was complete, not just what you can see at first glance.

Prepping, sanding or sandblasting, quality of paint / powder, application of paint or powder, and technique of painting / poder coating are also big factors to how the final product will look. Simply put trust a company that will take the time to go step by step to make sure you get a smooth, dust free, run free, and orange peel free paint job that will make your proud and the envy of others.

Part of the Turntable that can be painted or powder coated.

Just about all the parts of the turntable can be painted however some more then others have a greater effect on the final outsome. Some include but are not limited to:

  • Platters
  • Tone Arms (Parts)
  • Feet
  • Pitch Ornaments
  • Accessories

Custom Printing Logos

Again you will find yourself with an array of solutions to try and get the original Technics logo's / decals back on your cabinets once painted. Lets go over some of the NOT so professional methods.

  1. Stickers - Yes you will find them on online and you can even make them yourself but trust us when we tell you this. It will look like a sticker in the end. You will see the edges of the sticker and you will notice it is not professional.
  2. Metal Plate Prints - These are plates as you would see on a trophy. Although somewhat nice hardly a original look.

In the end there is only one way to print the original logo's back on a Technics 1200 / 1210. Screen or Pad Printing.

Screen & Pad printing are both, methods that gives you a 3D look and feel to the logo's just like the original and also it lasts a very long time without degrading.

Paint options

Please note that the prices are to give you a general idea of cost. Some specific paints / powder may cost more depending on availability.

Two Stage Painting (With Screen / Pad Printing logos)

- Base Coat (Paint you selected) $350 per table
- Clear Coat (To enhance the shine and protect the paint)
- Screening / Pad Printing of Technics SL-1200 MKX Logo's (3 in Total)

Powder Coating (With Screen / Pad Printing logos)

- Sandblasting the Cabinet & Parts & Powder Coating (Powder you selected) $350 per table
- Clear Coat (To enhance the shine and protect the paint)
- Screening / Pad Printing of Technics SL-1200 MKX Logo's (3 in Total)

Screening Colors


Platter = $100.00
Tone Arm Base = $50.00
Tone Arm "L" holder & Bearing Holder = $50.00

The following and just a few of the hundreds of Technics 1200 / 1210 custom paint jobs we have completed for our clients. (Click on each to see a more detailed view)


Primer (Preparing of the cabinets & Accessories to be painted

Yellow & Blue Together

Yellow Cabinet with Tone Arm Base Ring and Tone Arm "L" Holder

The Final Product (Paint Only - No Print)

Custom Blue Cabinet (3 Stage Painting)

Metallic Blue Custom Paint

Custom Ultrasonic Metallic Blue

Cadillac Escalade Pearl White (3 Stage Painting)
As seen in the front window of Play De Record in Toronto, Canada!

Polar White with Classic Black Print
Polar White with Classic Black Print (Close Up)

Pair of Black Paint & White Screen / Pad Printed Technics Logo's

(Cabinets & Platters Only)

Black Paint with White Screen / Pad Printed Technics Logo

(Cabinet & Platter Only)

Polar White Paint with Blue Screen / Pad Printed Technics Logo

Polar White Paint with Blue Screen / Pad Printed Technics Logo (Close Up)
Piano Black Powder Coating with White Screened Technics Logos

So now that you have seen what is possible in a professional environment send us a note and lets get your tables up to spec mechanically and also cosmetically.