Feel free to leave your testimonial. We love to hear from you and to be honest so do our potential new clients. "Word of mouth" is our ONLY form of advertisement. Simply put..... "The proof is in the pudding".

If you wish to tell us your experiance with our company please feel free to email us. Thank you!

Kerry Glass -
Lexington KY - USA

Purchased: Technics 1200 RCA Cables with Internal Ground PCB attached.

What can I say, these guys saved my ass and came through in a bind! I discovered late on a Wednesday night that my RCA PCB board had gone bad when I had gigs booked all weekend. Frantically I reached out to Technics1200s a little after midnight. Within almost minutes I was connected with a live person that was able to overnight a part from Canada to Lexington, KY. The part made it to me by noon on Friday and only took a matter of 10 minutes or less to install. I was able to gig all weekend without a hitch. I will 100% order from these guys again and suggest to all to go with Technics1200s. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. djgaryklass.

Technics1200s.com Response

We are speachless. Thank you for the love and we really only consider what we did everday (sometimes everynight) good service.

Tony Vidinovski -
Melbourne - Australia

Purchased: Four (4) Technics 1200 MK2 New Cabinets & Ornaments & Trims.

From Canada to Australia in 4 days. Easily the fastest delivery of an online purchase globally. The process was like none I have ever experienced. Before and after purchase followup, support, and monitoring all the way to me was very unique and refreshing. For these reason I must say you are by far ahead of any other online retailer I have dealt with locally and globally. Online shopping would be perfect if everyone operated like your team! I will be back for more parts soon as I start my restoring of my decks.

Technics1200s.com Response

Thanks you very much for your kind words. I must say this is exactly what we wanted when we started selling online. We simply do what we (as customers shopping online) would expect when making a purchase. You spend good money the product and service must be equal if not greater. Again thank you for being a customer and we look forward taking care of any future Technics parts needs.


Anthony Scarfone -
North Bay, Ontario - Canada

Purchased: Technics Repair - Tone Arm Base Rebuild, New On/Off Knob, Pop Up Light.

 I drove 3 1/2 hours to have my Technics 1200 serviced by Chris. He is certainly an expert in his field and it was a pleasure doing business with him.

Since I am from out of town, I called Chris in advance to ensure he had time to service my turntable on the day I was able to make the trip...he was happy to make things convenient for me and set time aside to fix my 1200 while I spent the day in Toronto.

I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to get their turntable serviced...you won't be sorry! Thanks Chris!

Technics1200s.com Response

Thanks so much for the kind words. Always a pleasure to open the email in the morning to a compliment from a client. We try to accomidate our clients and their scheduales when we can. Its customer service with a smile I guess. Again thanks for your business and kind words.




Roger Hutchins -
Granby, Quebec - Canada

Purchased: Technics Headshell delivery to Granby, Quebec.

Hey Chris... Well the parcel arrived at my home about 15 mins ago and everything is perfect. Thank you very much for everything. I have no doubt your business is very successful by the way you take care and follow up with your customers. Thanks for your patience during my order and I wish you well. I'll keep your information on file for future orders and I'll recommend your business to my friends. Have a nice day.


Technics1200s.com Response

Big or small, every order is important. We are happy you enjoyed our service and products. We aim to please and we are typically spot on. Please feel free to call us anytime for your Technics needs.






Marcel Eichmann -
London, Ontario - Canada

Purchased: 1 x Technics 1200' M3D with personal delivery to London, Ontario.

Hey Chris... I just wanted to tell you that I got the headshell and installed the cartridge for the Technics Turntable you guys delivered today. It sounds great! There is no hum either whatsoever with the ground wire modification. I'm very happy with the turntable. Compliments to the cheif..

Technics1200s.com Response

You were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for your confidence in our company. We treat each client as our first and will always try and do better. You got yourself a nice machine. Enjoy it to the max!




Faisal Sethi - 
Regina, Saskatchewan - Canada

Purchased: 2 x Technics 1200's (Black) with RCA & Ground Wire Modification, 2 x Odyssey Black on Black Road Cases, 2 x Shure M44-7 mounted on Technics Headshells, 2 x Technics Slip Mats.

Only three words describe my experiance..... "Top Shelf Service".

The crew at Technics1200s.com provide top shelf service and impeccable communication. Chris was extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and patiently outlined many options for my purchase. The process was likely the best online / long distance purchase I have ever made; prompt and courteous. I am certainly going to return to Chris for my Technics 1200 and other gear needs in the future. Sales and service to the max.

Technics1200s.com Response

You were a great client to deal with. Easy to communicate with and you knew exactly what you wanted..... quality Technics 1200's. We are happy that you are 100% satified with our hard work! Although you are 1,271 miles / 2,045 km away please know your every bit our client as the person who walks through our front door. Contact us any time as you are always welcome.


Chuck T -
Toronto - Canada

I contacted Technics1200s.com on a Saturday night regarding a Tec 12 that I had bought a couple of days earlier which appeared to have issues with skipping in one spot on the records. Chris called me back within minutes and we discussed how a tonearm worked and that a replacement was more then likely in order. We arranged to meet the next morning.
I had a long day at work but it was no problem for me to pick up my turntable that same day at 9:30pm. Tonearm was replaced, dustcover hinges that I wanted were attached, motor lubricated, pitch and brake all returned to factory spec, all of this and on a Sunday to boot!!

It is not possible to find a more dedicated, knowledgeable and expert Technics 1200 technician, period.

Thanks Chris,

Chuck T

Technics1200s.com Response

Wow..Thanks you for the kind words. Always a pleasure and keep the dust cover on her. She will last you a lifetime!.


Daniel Z -
Toronto - Canada

If you need anything done to your 1200's, look no further. I will never let anybody but Chris @ www.technics1200s.com touch my tables because he knows them in and out.

I bought them on June 2011 and wasn't sure of the condition or how to get them up to par because I never owned 1200's before. All my life I was DJ'ing with CD's and controllers. I wasn't sure if they were working like they should, how to adjust the tone-arm, calibrating them or anything else.

Then after looking online I found this site, talked to Chris and I felt very comfortable when I saw that Technics 1200's are the only thing he works with. Chris got them calibrated and cleaned and I even bought a pair of great Road Ready 1200 cases and even a Road Ready 10" mixer case for my TTM57.

Above all that, I got some solid tips on how to take care of my Technics 1200's properly, and now I'm more confident when using them in the studio or at my gigs.

Thanks a lot Chris, great job!

Daniel Z

Technics1200s.com Response

Speechless. Thanks so much for the kind words and pleasure helping you with your tables. They will last you a lifetime if you keep them right. Keep them covered when your not spinning. (Free tip).


DJ Fun-Key -
Toronto - Canada

These guys took my decks that were falling apart and made them look like new. Money well spent. Would have cost me twice as much to buy used ones and who knows the problems I would have had with those. Thanks to you guys I was up and running again within 48 hours. Don't know how you did it but I can say that I will be back shortly for some mods.

 Technics1200s.com Response

It was a pleasure bringing them back to life. Please remember to cover them. Its the one way to avoid another cleaning anytime soon.


Paul Lavallee - Toronto, Canada

 Hey Chris,

I just wanted to tell you that the turntables are awesome. They are spotless, working perfectly, and i love the blue LEDs. They are a little bright as you said but it
does not affect my DJing and they look super cool! The flight cases you supplied are great and compliment the tables. I'm so glad you had them there because the DJing part of my life is very important and its much..... much easier when transporting my decks with these cases.

You did an awesome job dood. Thanks.

If there is anywhere you are on the Net and have a section that allows customers/clients to provide comments, I'd be more than happy to comment and
give you the 'props' you deserve. If there's one, let me know. if not, no worries.

I've got to stop by Play De Record tonight. I'll be sure to tell Eugene, Jason or whoever is working, how great of a job you did. I think it's important that they get feedback. Consumers/customers absolutely deserve to know what they are getting. And I have no doubt whatsoever that you would welcome constructive customer feedback, given your obvious love of what you do and the importance you place on not only doing your job as well as possible but also ultimately taking the customer's needs and desires into full account.

Thanks again bro.

 Technics1200s.com Response

Wow, its always a pleasure to get feedback. Shows we are doing things right!





Salvatore Miceli - Toronto, Canada

Chris was amazing!!! The only man that I can trust with my 1200!  Whether for an audiophile such as myself or a DJ looking to re-vamp decks, Chris is the man.  He knows his stuff and made my table brand new. Some guy in Brampton really screwed my deck up and Chris took the time to explain AND fix the problems that were created. My turntable has never sounded better. Think twice before letting just anybody touch your table.  Chris knows these tables inside and out.  Worth every penny! 

Trust Chris at technics1200s.com

 Technics1200s.com Response

We are speachless! Thanks for the testimonial. It means alot to us. (See more about this by clicking here).