This is a detailed overview of the Report which would be emailed to our client. Included would be high resolution pictures showing any problems so that the client will be able to make a educated decision on what steps to take given our recommendations.

Estimate Example:


Table #XX Internal Color Code: XXXX

Here you will find a detailed report on the cosmetic conditions of the exterior of your turntable. From scratches to chips to missing buttons or broken parts from the tone arm. You will know exactly what is visually evident to our technicians. High resolution pictures are provided to the client as a justification for the findings.
Inside Condition:
Here you will find a detailed report on the inside of your turntable. From missing or broken parts which play vital roles in protecting parts of your turntable to the degree of dirt / dust found inside. High resolution pictures are provided to the client as a justification for the findings.
Serato Circle / Signal:
Seeing as the standard DJ today is using Serato or Traktor we like to make sure the signal strength is strong as these types of DJ software are particular and picky about good  strong signals. We are the same and want to make sure you have the best signal possible going into your box. If there is a poor signal we investigate further to find the source.
Direct to Mixer Play (Not Serato):
Here we report on the signal direct from the turntable to the mixer checking the strength and ensuring you have both channels operational. If there is an issue we investigate further to find the source.
Mechanical Functions:
Here we check the following functions to make sure they are running up to factory specifications.

Start / Stop:
Does the platter speed up fast enough? Does it stop on a dime?

Is the pitch off? Is it very dirty? Are there dead zones. Double Zeros?

Important part often neglected causing skipping and uneven wear on needles and vinyl. We make sure its working.

Height Adjustment of Tone Arm Assembly:
If you can not move or you find it very hard to move the height adjustment of the tone arm up and down you may need the tone arm to be cleaned and lubricated. Other problems could be improperly installed RCA's.

Buttons / Switches:
Making sure all buttons work and are easy to operate. Start / Stop, 33/45, Power, Tone Arm Lock etc.

RCA Physical Appearance:
If the RCA's are in poor shape then you may want to have them upgraded. A crimp or cut in the line may work now but when you need the turntable the most you may have problems.

Ground Wire:
Although very unpopular as almost all DJ's have this modified to run inside we check the condition of your ground wire. So small in appearance we have found it to be the culprit of most system hums (feedback).

After the above is completed we will give you an estimate offering the best pricing and recommending the best package if available to cover all the deficiencies if any have been found.


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