Frequently Asked Questions

We have below listed some of the most common questions we get as to help you get the answers your looking for quickly.

Do you still sell Technics 1200 / 1210 series turntables?

Yes we always have. With the discontinuation of the SL-1200 series turntables by Panasonic / Technics we no longer have new stock however we always have an amazing selection of refurbished and used Technics to suit all needs.

Are your prices for Technics 1200 / 1210 turntables negotiable? I found a slightly cheaper price on Kijiji or craigslist.

As with any purchase we can always negotiate depending on what you are purchasing. As far as local on-line private sale websites.... use caution when purchasing. Once you leave the problems are yours. The amount of people that come in to see us with repairs from these type of purchases is high. You may thing you are saving but in the long run you could be spending allot more if you purchased something privately and after a few days or weeks realize there is an issue. If you purchase from us you are protected. We back our work!

Do you service only Technics turntables?

Yes we service only Technics turntables as we have found the cost of repairs to inferior turntables is not worth the expense. Technics 1200 series turntables are reasonable to repair and well worth it as they will last you literally a lifetime.

Do you still have parts for the Technics SL-1200/1210 turntables? Yes we stock and have stock hundreds of parts to suit all repair needs and do not foresee any problems with parts anytime soon.

How much does it cost to repair my turntable?

If the problem is obvious then a price can be given ahead of time. If not an estimate is required to diagnose the problem and give you a quality report with pricing details. Our estimate are $60 per turntable and if you have the repairs done we will nullify the estimate fee.

Do you use genuine Technics / Panasonic part in all of your repairs and refurbishing?

Yes we ONLY use genuine Technics / Panasonic parts.

How do I know the repair will be done right?

We guarantee our work and only have qualified technician working on your turntables.

How can you guarantee turntables if they are not new?

With every Technics 1200 / 1210 we get in we completed disassemble it to the last screw to rebuild and make 100%certainin you are getting a clean and fault free quality turntable. If we didn't do this we could not stand behind it. Each turntable that we sell has a minimum of 15 hours of labour into it to make it the best turntable on the market.

Do you sell parts only?

Yes we do however considering our labour rate it is worth getting us to do the job for you.

Do you buy used equipment?

Yes we do however we are brand name specific.

Turntables: ONLY Technics 1200 or 1210
Mixers: Pioneer DJM 600 and above, Rane, Allen & Heath
CD Players: Pioneer CDJ's & Some Denon
Mixing Software: Serato & Traktor
Road Cases: Road Ready / Odyssey / Marathon / Pelican / Clydesdale / Road Runner